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Mad Scientist

Grab your weapon, and collect the vials to boost your health and your kill count. Go as far as you can!

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The final score will be reflected on the scoreboard at the end of the tournament. Also, a notification will be sent to all valid email addresses and mobile numbers.
The duration of the tournament is listed in the Home and How to Play sections.
The number of winners and their respective prizes can vary from one tournament to another. The prize details of the current Tournament is available under Prizes section.
There is no limit on the total number of playing within the Tournament, you can simply click play again, or return to the browser anytime. Please take note, that the score will be overwritten every time you replay the games. You can see your current score and rank on the leaderboard.
If you quit the game or something wrong happened before completing the game whilst you are playing, your last score will not be submitted to the tournament server.